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  • Plants – Phalaenopsis special

    A beautiful orchid in a special shape – arc, spiral, cascade in an ornamental pot.

    Tips for orchid:
    Water them once a week, check the next day if there is still water in the ornamental pot, if so, pour it out and place them in a bright room, in full summer do not place in full sun.

    35,00 +
  • Plants – Surprise flowering plant

    Be surprised by a beautiful flowering plant with ornamental pot.

    25,0080,00 +
  • Plants – Surprise green houseplant

    Be surprised by a beautiful green room plant with ornamental pot.

    35,00100,00 +
  • Plants – Phalaenopsis in scale

    Beautiful orchids placed together in ornamental pot.

    50,00150,00 +
  • Plants – Phalaenopsis

    A beautiful orchid with at least two branches in ornamental pot.

    25,00 +